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Bruce Delacruz

When you walk out after a class at San Antonio Systema, you will feel measurably better than when you walked in, no matter which of the movements of Systema that were practiced in the session, you will have gone through them combining breathing, relaxation and proper body structure, the material is presented and practiced with your partners in a manner geared towards learning and improvement, this type of training carries over into all other areas of
your life, so you basically just start to feel better in everything you do. No matter what your level of experience or capability, Systema works!

Jason Gonzalez

San Antonio Systema approaches martial arts in a unique way, focusing on breathing techniques coupled with mindful relaxation throughout ones movement. You learn how to use breath work in all movements, rolling, grappling, striking, and more. Michael is a great instructor who knows how to shape each class to be accessible to newcomers and veterans alike. The principles I've learned in Systema have influenced, in a positive way, how I approach my day to day life. If you are looking for a fresh approach to martial arts, give Mike a call. Bonus, first class is free and there are discounts for service vets and all emergency responders.

Andre Miller

San Antonio Systema helped me turn my fitness practices into a real world health practice. Even after 12 years working as a personal trainer, I was able to learn a tremendous amount about my body, psychology and many neglected areas of health from Mike and the other students. I've experienced drastic improvements in my family life, confidence in movement and overall health and well being. Enough good things can not be said about the caliber of the instructor and community.

Peter Koberle

Michael Gonzales ( instructor) is skilled , knowledgable , and places importance on each students growth and progression.
You can expect to be welcomed , but more importantly challenged mentally and physically as you practice Systema here.

Hugh Bromiley

I learn something in every class. The classes are challenging and yet fun and relaxing. Michael is an excellent instructor. For years I used to do (and teach) Karate as well as other martial arts. Systema is the Martial Art I had always hoped to find.

Chris Kish

Awesome class. Mike is a great instructor, class is friendly and welcoming to new people plus, it is an excellent blend of Self-Defense, Exercise, and Health/Wellness. Classes are affordable and the gym (Roots Fitness) is very accommodating to our needs. I'd highly recommend trying it out.


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