Holistic Physical Fitness

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Muscle strength and endurance building with relaxation techniques

Holistic Physical Fitness

zeniconBreathing Techniques

Holistic physical fitness includes relaxation techniques, breathing work and meditation.

To relax the muscle after a work out, a holistic style of massage relaxes the body, calms emotions, and cleans out unwanted tension (physical & mental).

Learn easy and effective ways to work on your body's health with a partner.


punchiconHow Punches Restore

Training Tip by Vladimir Vasiliev:

Did you know that the skill of receiving punches can be more important than the ability to hit?

The reason is this. Without proper training, our body does not react to strikes the way we would like it to. Our body should be ready to overcome the effect of strikes either through breathing or redirection, selective muscle relaxation and tension, or dissipation of impact. While our psyche could be prepared through the knowledge of yourself – the way you handle pain, fear, anticipation, and discomfort.

It is the skill that anyone can develop and every martial artist or fighter. For example, you might realize that your body is actually stronger than you think and your fear is unjustified. Or, you may see that if you know how to breathe and restore yourself from a strike, you will no longer be afraid of an unexpected punch. You may also notice that if your body becomes more mobile, the strikes do not tense you up anymore.

The work of receiving strikes will eliminate needless rushing in confrontations. It will optimize distance, reduce reaching and fear of contact, and improve your body awareness. A fighter who has not mastered taking strikes will always have physical and psychological restrictions. Thus, he will never have strength, speed, precision, and stability in his strikes.


msgiconSystema Massage

Systema massages are encouraged to practice in every class- after the class, before class or in the middle; it is a very important part of systema. Massage is a method of preventing and treating many diseases. It has the ability to neutralize the damaging effects of stress on the body.

This practice helps to calm the nerves, strengthen the mind, strengthen the immune system of the human body. They also eliminate hidden, inner tension of the muscles in the spine, strengthening them and making the spine more elastic, thus correcting the posture of man.

This massage with a specific form of rods or whips of different kinds of materials (friendly to humans), is the exclusive method of recovery SYSTEMA stress redistribution, which results in a deep relaxation.

Relaxation and massage techniques are an important part of our training.