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Articles written with you in mind.

Read through these articles to gain a deeper understanding behind the study, training and knowledge of Russian Martial Arts.

As the drills progress when we find ourselves in a present and relaxed state, THEN the true training begins…. or what I like to call “Platonic Fighting”.

Recent Articles

Contentment, Time and Icy Water

This past week made me think about two things mostly: Contentment and Time. How are these two related to health and wellness? Well, first,...

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From Grappling to Striking by Arseniy Grebnov

Arseniy is an internationally recognized instructor, holding multiple certifications from world-renowned masters. A third degree Jiu Jitsu black belt and instructor of Russian Martial...

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Systema Classes For Kids Coming Up

SIGN UP NOW!! for Systema classes for Children 7 to 12 years old. They will learn the basic principals of Systema: Breath, Move and...

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San Antonio Systema Presents Russian Martial Art Seminar

Leading Brazil instructor Nelson Wagner will be in San Antonio August 30 and 31 for a 2 Day Seminar.

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Interesting Find On The Bookshelf Today

Had a discussion about breathing today and the importance of it. After the “Mastering Seminar” it’s a astonishing how the following week after the...

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Welcome to our New Website

After a year of working on this project, we finally have a home on the web.  I am really proud of this website and...

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