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Read through these articles to gain a deeper understanding behind the study, training and knowledge of Russian Martial Arts.

As the drills progress when we find ourselves in a present and relaxed state, THEN the true training begins…. or what I like to call “Platonic Fighting”.

Recent Articles

Kwan Lee Seminar March 11 & 12, 2017

Kwan Lee will be teaching a two day seminar in San Antonio Texas March 11/12th. Full details on seminar topics will be released after...

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Being Relaxed During Training

BEING RELAXED: Trying to find tension is easier said then done, first off, the majority of us, don’t really even understand what tension is....

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Maxim Franz -Seminar April 18-19, 2015

Opportunity Do not miss this fantastic opportunity to meet Maxim Franz and train with him. Maxim is a senior instructor for Systema Headquarters in...

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“Training Hard” by Toby Cowern – British Royal Marine / Survival Professional

The maxim of many an Army and a familiar phrase to most. I want to explore this concept a little though, as I look...

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Zettler Twins – Interview

In a recent interview, Brendon and Adam Zettler answered some great questions. Thanks for letting me share Brendon and Adam! Apart from Adam being...

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A deeper connection by Michael J.Gonzales

From time to time, people ask where I first heard or learned about Systema. It’s an unusual story so I usually avoid it. Now,...

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