Being Relaxed During Training


Trying to find tension is easier said then done, first off, the majority of us, don’t really even understand what tension is. So it needs to be discovered first, within yourself, within your training partner and within the drills. We may often hear, “your too tense” or “relax”…..Only to think ….”I thought I was already relaxed!”

But this is only on the surface. A true relaxed body in Systema doesn’t mean just being soft and making fancy wave like movements to evade your training partner. It’s much more then that actually. The body and mind both need to be calm, un-agitated and free of any preconceived thoughts or emotions. Woah! That’s deep. It is deep actually, deep within yourself…..You mean I have to be “present” while I am training? Yes! you must be present while your training.

Just like a yogi must be present when pulling themselves into a deep stretch, just like a painter must be while completing his masterpiece. We must be present first to find the tension, and to truly be relaxed. As the drills progress we and if lucky, we all find ourselves in a present and relaxed state, THEN the true training begins…. our what I like to call “Platonic Fighting”.

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